The Difference between Chipboard Screws and Self-tapping Screws

In the entire fastener industry, chipboard screws and self-tapping screws are still widely used. Although both chipboard screws and self-tapping screws belong to the category of self-tapping screws, there are still some differences.


What is the difference between chipboard screws and self-tapping screws?

What are chipboard screws?

A chipboard screw is a product that has undergone heat treatment and is suitable for the installation of electric tools. It is mainly used for connection and fastening between wooden plates and thin steel plates.

Chipboard screws are currently used to replace wood screws in many fields and are widely applied now.

What is a self-tapping screw?

self-taping screws

A self-tapping screw is a kind of threaded fastener that is used to match the female thread in the pre-drilling of metal or non-metallic materials. It is generally used for wooden materials and thin metal plates. There are the countersunk head, pan head, etc.

The difference between China chipboard screws and China self-tapping screws

Chipboard screws are currently used to replace wood screws in some. It is widely used in China. Chipboard screws are designed with countersunk, semi-sunk, and round heads. The thread spirals up in a single thread, generally full thread, with specifications such as 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc. The commonly used in practical applications is 4mm. 5mm, 6mm. The technical requirement of the China chipboard screws is relatively high, and the screws are not easy to crack. The problem of cracking in some hardwoods can also be solved by modifying the thread design of ordinary chipboard screws to make them into claw-cutting chipboard nails. Chipboard nails are suitable for wooden materials and for electric tools installation. Currently, they are mainly used in furniture manufacturing, cabinets, and other fields.

Self-tapping screws are generally used for wooden materials and thin metal plates. The head types include countersunk heads and pan heads. The thread of the countersunk self-tapping screw rises in a lapped spiral, but the thread is smaller than the chipboard screws, and the thread surface has a higher hardness. Therefore, in the connection of thin metal plates, internal threads can be tapped in the threaded bottom holes of the connected parts to form a connection.

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