Nail screw

Product parameter: 
DIN 7504K  Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screw 
Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw
DIN 7504P  Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Self Drilling Screw  
DIN 7504N Cross Recessed Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

Product introduction: 
It is a new invention in recent years. Its tail is in the shape of a drill tail or sharp tail, without auxiliary processing. It can directly drill, tap, and lock on the setting material and basic material, thus greatly saving the construction time. Compared with ordinary screws, it has high tenacity and maintenance force, and it will not loosen after a long time.


Product Feature:
Recess: Cross
Head: Countersunk, Pan
Surface: Zinc Plated, Dacromet


Product Application:  
It is a kind of screw, which is mainly used to fix the colored steel tile of steel structure, and also can be used to fix the sheet material of a simple building. It cannot be used for metal to metal bonding. 

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